The Cruise Web Launches Redesigned Website

The Cruise Web's New Homepage

The Cruise Web's New HomepageThe Cruise Web just launched its new, completely redesigned website,, making the process of planning a cruise almost as enjoyable as the cruise itself!
Cruisers worldwide will find many things to love in the new website, with its customer-centric design, more engaging user-experience and enhanced search and navigation, as well as a wealth of fresh and interesting travel information. As The Cruise Web’s tagline states, the new website truly gives the user “A World of Choices Made Easy.
“Our mission is to deliver our customers the absolutely best experience from the day they start planning to the day they disembark,” said Karolina Shenton, Manager of Marketing & Sales Operations at The Cruise Web. “I believe our new website will redefine what it means to plan the perfect cruise vacation.”

The new user-friendly website is loaded with fresh and engaging content for the vacationer:

  • World Map on The Cruise WebEach cruise line, ship, destination and port is described in detail, eliminating the endless searching normally associated with planning a perfect cruise vacation.
  • Must-see points of interest are highlighted in cities around the world.
  • Rich image libraries and video content showcase everything from ship deck plans to destinations, engaging visitors and adding to the excitement of planning their voyage.

The good looks are only the beginning of the features the new website brings to The Cruise Web’s customers:

  • Advanced Search on The Cruise WebNew mobile-friendly design provides users with a seamless experience across all platforms, whether it’s a mobile phone, tablet or desktop.
  • A fully loaded cruise search function uniquely allows the shopper to search by embarkation port, destination, port(s) of call, duration, date, cruise line, ship and more.
  • New filters and sorting tools make the process of finding and planning the perfect vacation easier and more enjoyable than ever.
  • A “Mark as Favorite” feature allows users to bookmark information that can be retrieved at a later date – such as special itineraries, ships and ports – making this highly robust search engine even more gratifying.

Karolina added, “I’m excited  for The Cruise Web’s consultants to continue their expert guidance with the more powerful tools of our new site, and even more thrilled to share our redesigned site with the cruising public.”
The Cruise Web’s new website is now live at
The Cruise Web, Inc.
The Cruise Web, Inc.


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