Tour the BRAND NEW Carnival Vista

By The Cruise Web, Inc.

Carnival’s fun and awe-inspiring features are on full display in this great video showcasing their newest ship, Carnival Vista, set to debut May 2016. The tour begins with a view of the atrium and then on to the main pool area. The main pool features the RedFrog Rum Bar and BlueIguana Tequila Bar that are both situated on a bright yellow deck. Next, you will find the SportSquare, Carnival’s physical activity area that has a jogging track, mini-golf course, ropes course and SkyRide – Carnival’s new suspended cycling experience. After this, you will see the fantastic Kaleid-O-Slide, a raft-riding blue water slide that swoops around the WaterWorks water park area. On the opposite side, you will be able to see the more relaxing Tides Pool, which provides a panoramic Oceanview and a great place to relax.

The tour then takes you over to view all the food options. First you will see the Lido dining area that has a 24-hour pizzeria, a Seafood Shack serving lobster rolls and Guy’s Burger Joint, designed by celebrity chef Guy Fieri. After a bite to eat, the tour continues onto the staterooms where you will see the Family Harbor staterooms and suites that also boast a lounge area for the whole family to hang out or play games. Tropical-themed Havana staterooms and suites are also a great option and feature an outdoor sitting area with a hammock.

The first IMAX Theatre at sea is the next attraction and proof that “vacation isn’t just about relaxing”, according to Carnival Vista herself. On top of this great new feature, there are also indoor-outdoor dining venues including the Fahrenheit 555 steakhouse, Bonsai Sushi, Cucina del Capitano family-style Italian restaurant and the JiJi Asian Kitchen, a Far East inspired restaurant.

To experience this AMAZING ship for yourself, call one of our cruise specialists today at 1-800-377-9383!

The Cruise Web, Inc.
The Cruise Web, Inc.

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10 Awesome Songs for Cruising

By The Cruise Web, Inc.

Just like a picture is worth a thousand words, so too is hearing a few notes on a keyboard. Music can bring memories, emotions and vacations right back to you. Music is everywhere when you travel. You hear the local music everywhere, whether it be the full symphonies of Mozart when on a river cruise in Austria or the island grooves of steel drum bands when you are in the Caribbean islands, and it helps set the tone for your day. A cruise ship is also filled with music, from the karaoke at night to the soothing sounds of a string quartet playing during tea time.

Here are 10 songs that come to mind when we think of our past and future cruises.

1. “Come Sail Away” by Styx

I mean the title says it all, doesn’t it? This is the perfect song to prepare for a cruise – it starts off real smooth and as your excitement builds so to does this song. So go ahead and set an open course for the virgin seas and sail away.

[

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What New Girl’s Season Finale Got Right and Wrong About Cruising

By Erica Kritt, Social Media Coordinator, The Cruise Web, Inc.

New Girl  airs Tuesdays on FOXThis week I was catching up on the season finales of some of my favorite TV shows, Grey’s Anatomy, The Mindy Project, Parks & Recreation and New Girl.

To my surprise, and kind of out of left field, New Girl decided to end their third season with the whole gang going on a cruise. Since I work at The Cruise Web, and have enjoyed several cruises, I was exciting to see how they would recreate the unique atmosphere of a cruise while putting their quirky mark on it.

I have to say that the episode was definitely absurd, and I won’t ruin it just yet, but the last five minutes of the show were very trippy. Back to cruising, a lot of what they showed made it seem like cruising hasn’t changed at all since the days of The Love Boat. Let’s go through and sort out what they got right, and what they got wrong. WARNING: SPOILERS GALORE. [Read more →]

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5 Reasons Why Moms Love Cruising

By The Cruise Web, Inc.

Your mom is pretty special isn’t she? She’s the person you call up when you feel sick, no matter how old you are. She taught you pretty much everything you know about life, like how to cover your mouth when you cough or how to make delicious chocolate chip cookies. She’s also the person that’s always believed in you.

So this Mother’s Day, get your mom something you know she’s going to love – a cruise! At The Cruise Web we know that moms love cruising, and here are five reasons why.

1. Moms love to be pampered.


On a cruise your mom can sit out by the pool deck and be waited on hand and foot. She can head to the spa where the staff will give her special attention, along with a soothing massage. [Read more →]

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It’s Always Summer on a Cruise Ship

By The Cruise Web, Inc.

Ice creamIt doesn’t matter if you are cruising to Antarctica in the dead of winter, you can always pretend it’s summer on a cruise ship. If you don’t believe us, here are 10 ways taking a cruise is like a summer day.

1. Ice cream – You can always get a scoop on a cruise, and some of the bigger ships even have self-serve soft serve available 24/7.

2. Water slides – Put on your bathing suit and make a splash as you go down a twisty-twirly slide. Or, if you’re a daredevil, you might want to try a water slide like those on the Norwegian Breakaway and Getaway where you take a huge vertical drop that will send your heart racing to catch up. [Read more →]

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Casino Perks with Carnival Cruise Lines

By The Cruise Web, Inc.

Roulette Table. Photo courtesy of Carnival Cruise Lines.Carnival Cruise Lines just announced a partnership with Penn National Gaming to offer their players new gaming perks, including free cruises. Penn National Gaming is a company that runs casinos and race tracks around the country. According to the company’s website, they operate in the following states: Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri, New Jersey, New Mexico, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas and West Virginia. The also operate a facility in Ontario, Canada.

Starting in April, all Penn National rewards card members who play at 18 of Penn National’s casinos in the U.S. will be eligible to receive complimentary Carnival cruises to the Caribbean or Mexico.

“With more than 1,500 cruises annually and a dozen year-round North American embarkation ports, Carnival gives our casinos an exciting new opportunity to thank and reward players’ club members for their loyalty,” Gaye Gullo, corporate vice president of marketing, Penn National Gaming, said in a press release.

All of Carnival’s ships include casinos with slots and table games.

We want to hear from Penn National regulars, does this new partnership entice you? Are you a fan of cruise ship casinos?

The Cruise Web, Inc.
The Cruise Web, Inc.

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Cruise to Your Roots: A Cruise Web Compilation

A compilation by The Cruise Web employees.

The Bridge of Sighs in Venice.The reasons for travel are as numerous as the stars in the sky. Some people travel the world to learn about other cultures, people and customs, while others choose trips that help them learn about themselves through meditation and relaxation. Traveling to your ancestral or spiritual homeland offers a little bit of both. Not only are you learning about the roots of your family, culture or beliefs, but you are seeing how a place and its foreign customs have shaped your life. We asked our staff to tell us about a cruise they’d like to take or one that they have taken that connects them to their roots. The responses we got are varied and offer an interesting insight into the diversity of the American population.

Raquel G.
I was born in Spain and lived there for 14 years; and I also lived in Italy for two years with my family because my father was stationed at Aviano Air Force Base. My dream cruise would be a Mediterranean cruise so that I could show my husband the wonders of many of the amazing cities I have visited over the years. I’d like to start the cruise in beautiful Venice, which was only 45 minutes away from where I lived in Italy, and show him St. Mark’s Square and take a gondola ride under the Bridge of Sighs. Venice is MOST amazing and colorful during Carnavale in February, the masks and costumes are so over the top! I’d like to then come around the ‘boot’ of Italy and stop in Civitavecchia, the port closest to Rome, a city that I never got to see while I was overseas. It would be nice to experience the history, culture and food together for the first time. The cruise would continue up the Italian coast, maybe stopping near Florence and Pisa, then over to Monaco and the French Riviera, before visiting Mallorca, the largest of Spain’s Balearic Islands and where my parents honeymooned (and the British Royals vacation). The cruise would end in Barcelona, where we would stay for several days seeing all of celebrated architect Antoni Gaudi’s fantastic works such as the famous La Sagrada Familia cathedral. We’d also walk along Las Ramblas, where we would stop and eat tapas, drink wine and maybe watch a flamenco show. We would experience the newer side of the city as well in the well-known clubs and discos and dine on the five-star cuisine for which the city has become renowned by foodies the world over. [Read more →]

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Love and Travel: A Cruise Web Client Writes a Memoir

By The Cruise Web, Inc.

Cover of A Moment in Connemara an Irish Love StoryCruise Web Senior Consultant Gloria Hanson was touched and excited to learn that she was thanked in a published book, written by one of her dearest clients, Annie Quinn.

“She’s just a wonderful person,” Gloria said. “I always enjoy helping her plan her vacations.”

Quinn, who is a grandmother of seven boys, had always traveled, but there was one extra special trip in 1998 when she met the love of her life, Noel. Recently divorced, Annie was visiting Ireland with some friends when Noel, who was a widower living in Cork, overheard their conversation about the Blarney Stone and jumped in to provide some local insight.

After handwritten letters back and forth, visits and countless hours on international phone calls, Annie and Noel were married in 2002.

Just as the two were about to embark on a Panama Canal cruise, Noel was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Their international love story is all chronicled in her book, A Moment in Connemara, an Irish Love Story, along with Noel’s brave journey and final years.

“We were very lucky,” Annie said. “Upon diagnosis on March 14, 2008, he was given only two months to live.  He lived another 14 months, until April 24, 2009, and we valued and enjoyed all the moments we had together alone, with family and with friends. Although we didn’t get to take Noel’s dream vacation of cruising the Panama Canal, which Gloria had booked for April 2008. We did have wonderful memories and moments of that year and Noel was well enough to return to Ireland, one last time, for a Hooley (an Irish party) in Ballycotton, in which over 140 people attended, our family, American friends, Irish family and Irish friends.” [Read more →]

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Cruise Internet Access to Turn Up the Knots in 2013 and Beyond

By The Cruise Web, Inc.

Norwegian Breakaway's Connect Internet CafeConnection to the Internet at all times has become a necessity for people across the globe. To accommodate this need to constantly be connected, Internet access is now available seemingly everywhere – in restaurants, on a bus or on a plane. In 2013 and more heavily in 2014, prepare to see the rise of high-speed Internet connectivity on vacation. Cruise vacation that is. [Read more →]

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Creepy Cruising: The Halloween Special

 By The Cruise Web, Inc.

Spooky Halloween Cruises SightsThe Caribbean and Bermuda – sand, sun, smoothies, dolphins, and witches? In honor of Halloween, today we at The Cruise Web are delighted to haunt you with some creepy attractions across the Caribbean.  Welcome to The Cruise Web Blog, Halloween Edition. [Read more →]

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