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Resorts vs. Cruises – What’s Your Perfect Match?

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When choosing between an all-inclusive resort and a cruise vacation, there are so many things to consider, but one important thing to remember: no matter what you choose, make sure you’re picking the right one for you. Primarily, there are two major differences to consider when deciding on a resorts vs. cruises.

Resorts vs. Cruises pools side by side

What are my travel goals?

Before you start planning, ask yourself, “What is the goal of this trip?” Are you planning a week away to relax and unwind in one spot or are you looking to adventure and explore different cultures and countries and only unpack one time? If you can answer that question, your choice will be easy! If not, that’s why we’re here. Our travel experts spend time discussing your travel goals, wants and needs in order to match you with the perfect vacation, whether it be a romantic getaway or a multigenerational family trip. Other than your personal travel goals, there is one more major thing to consider when selecting resorts vs. cruises on for your next vacation.

What’s Included At Resorts vs. Cruises?

They’re called all-inclusive resorts for a reason – and they mean it! Many of these options include everything – with the caveat that it is on resort property. This means the pools, bars, restaurants and in some cases golf courses and waterparks are included in your price, given that they are a part of the resort. On the other hand, on most cruise lines, your cost includes your room and 3 meals a day at specific restaurants, but this allows for an incredibly customizable experience! Your wife is a big foodie? Add on specialty dining! Looking to explore Northern Europe while enjoying Belgian ales? A drinks package is for you. Keep in mind, however, that additional services, like spa services, are additional on both types of vacation.

Okay, so now you know your travel goal and you have a rough idea of what’s included in each type of vacation. Let’s dive deeper!

Benefits of All-Inclusive Resorts

Left: Resort in the Bahamas. Right: Resort in Kusadesi, Turkey.
Left: Resort in the Bahamas. Right: Resort in Kusadesi, Turkey.

All-inclusive resorts are located all over the world, but the one you’re thinking of has frozen cocktails, pools galore and a white sand beach just steps from your balcony. So a beach resort! Luckily, you have options all over the world. From the Cozumel coast in Mexico to the Amalfi Coast in Italy, the beaches are spotted with luxurious resorts – where everything is included.

Everything Is Included!

So, what exactly is everything? Everything on resort property! Drink your fill of ice-cold beers, margaritas and more and never have to worry about closing your tab! At most resorts, the bars and lounges on resort property include alcoholic drinks. The key thing to remember in this case is the only things included are on the grounds of the resort. That means if your family wants to enjoy the on-site options (some resorts have as many as 6 on the property!) it’s included! But if little Sally wants to head off-resort and enjoy some Applebee’s in Montego Bay, you’ll be footing the bill. Speaking of your children, some resorts even have waterparks in the resort that are included for the kids to enjoy while mom kicks back by the pool and dad plays a round of golf (Oh yeah, some resorts even have golf courses – greens fee included!)

Rest and Relaxation at an All-Inclusive Resort

Lounge chairs on a beautiful beach.

Some people work hard and play hard, then there are those who work hard and relax even harder. If you’re a laidback vacationer, an all-inclusive resort might be the best choice for you! The main benefit to relaxation is one location. Once you arrive at the resort, your entire vacation is within grasp. From the lounge chairs by the pool to the picturesque beaches, it’s all there within the confines of the resort. There are opportunities in most resort locations to venture outside the grounds of the resort, like for a volcanic hike at a resort in Hawaii or to scuba dive in St. Kitts, but remember, all of this will come at an additional cost. Generally, though, those who choose resort life over cruise life are looking for a simple vacation, dedicated to recharging from a busy day-to-day life.

Activities at an All-Inclusive Resort

Activities for all ages can be found at a resort, but it’s important to work with a travel agent from The Cruise Web to make sure you’re staying at the perfect spot for your vacation, From lazy rivers to full on waterparks, hiking trails and golf courses, there is a resort fit for your traveling party out there! To make sure your resort of choice is the right one for you and your family, call us at 1-800-377-9383 to start planning!

Benefits of Cruising

Viking River Cruise ship and Celebrity ocean cruise ship

We know about resorts, so let’s hit the high seas! This is resorts vs. cruises after all! Cruising has been a fan-favorite vacation for over 100 years and we know why! The big reason is variety! You can cruise virtually anywhere in the world, at any time of the year explore corners of the planet where you can’t find a resort within 1,000 miles. Not only are the destinations plentiful, but so are the cruise lines. Whether you’re traveling with kids on a FUN cruise line like Carnival, diving into adventure with Viking Expeditions, exploring the banks of Europe’s storied rivers or vacationing in the lap of luxury with Regent Seven Seas, there is quite literally an option for every lifestyle and budget. Continue below and we’ll cover some of the main benefits of choosing a cruise for your next vacation.

An Onboard Experience for Everyone

When choosing a cruise, guests have the widest range of options of any type of vacation! There are family-friendly cruise lines, which include onboard activities like waterparks, go-karts and even a roller-coaster on Carnival’s Mardi Gras! While these kid-centered activities are non-existent on some luxury cruise lines like Seabourn, one must remember that this is not a cruise line for kids, but rather is focused on cultural exploration and can be considered “a thinking persons’ cruise.” It’s always important to consult with a cruising expert before you start planning so you make sure everyone in your party has the vacation of a lifetime. Our experts at The Cruise Web are standing by at 1-800-377-9383 to answer your questions and help you start planning.

Cruise Destinations All Over The World

Antarctica, Caribbean beach and European Rivers - many cruise destinations

One of the biggest draws of cruising is also variety, but not in experience, but in destination. While resorts are primarily located in tropical, beachy climates, cruises can take you virtually anywhere that touches the water – even rivers! Get up close and personal with penguins on the Antarctic Peninsula, contemplate ancient castles along the grand rivers of Europe, Asia and Africa or enjoy a classic Caribbean cruise! With the variety of cruise lines mentioned above, that expands the destinations you can visit! As ships get smaller, primarily on the luxury cruise lines, they are able to take guests into different, more remote ports and even grant special experiences. For example, in 2021 Italy banned large cruise ships from entering the harbor in Venice, but smaller ship, luxury cruise guests can still enjoy a Venetian sunset as they cruise right into the harbor. Not only are the destinations far and wide, but a cruise allows guests to explore an entire region over the course of their trip, rather than the confines of the resort. On a 7 day Mediterranean cruise in Europe, guests will visit at least four different cities, each with a unique culture and experience. Since there are so many options to cruise, though, you have to revisit our first question! What are your travel goals and how can your consultant at The Cruise Web help you reach them? 1-800-377-9383, we’re waiting.

Customize Your Cruise!

Your vacation is supposed to be all about you, right? Let’s make it so! Cruise lines like Celebrity allow guests to customize their experience by adding packages on top of the base cost to enhance the experience! And even these have tiers! You can enjoy the basic alcohol package on Celebrity, but if you have a taste for top shelf, you can even upgrade this to a Premium Drinks Package! Don’t worry – if you don’t drink alcohol, this is optional and non-alcoholic beverages are included in your cost. Enough about drinks! Cruises even allow you to customize your experience from the guy in the next room through excursions! While in port, cruisers use excursions as add-ons to their cruise price to delve deeper into the culture and activities of their destination! Popular examples of excursions are scuba diving in the Caribbean, visiting Vatican City while in port at Civitavecchia or discovering your adventurous side with a Zodiac ride through Glacier Bay in Alaska. You know what’s important to you on a vacation, let us help make that happen!

Resorts vs. Cruises: Who’s your winner?

That’s it. That’s resorts vs. cruises. The main takeaway is that the decision of what’s best for you is truly up to YOU! But don’t worry, we’re here to help! Our cruising experts have worked hard to learn everything about resorts to help you book the vacation of a lifetime, even if that means cruising is not for you. No matter what vacation is for you, the first step to planning the perfect one is calling The Cruise Web at 1-800-377-9383. Call us to book resort vacation or cruise – or both! Maybe, if you’re feeling wild, get a taste of both and enjoy an all-inclusive resort as a pre- or post-cruise extension!