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Top Tips for Accessible Cruising

Accessible walkway on a cruise ship

Cruising is a great vacation choice for everyone – even if you have a disability there are plenty of options for accessible cruising! The good news is that cruise lines offer accessible cabins, priority embarkation and more to make your vacation easier and more enjoyable for you. Whether you have mobility limitations, intellectual disabilities or anything that requires some extra assistance, there are some important things to know when you’re planning your cruise

Accessible Cruising Tip #1: Know The Cruise Line Policies

Do some research! Or better yet – enlist one of our experts at The Cruise Web to do it for you! But if you’re in the early stages, make sure you look up at least some of the accessibility policies of the cruise line you’re interested in! Some important things to note are:

  • Does this cruise line offer accessible cabins and dining areas?
  • Are the public spaces, i.e. pool decks and theaters, handicap accessible?
  • What amenities can be offered for those with disabilities?

Accessible cabins and public spaces are essential when cruising with a wheelchair, scooter or walker, to ensure you have enough space in your cabin, dining area and entertainment venues to comfortable enjoy every aspect of your vacation.

Those points can be a little overwhelming, but you’re headed in the right direction! Now, you’ll have an idea of what cruise lines are the most accommodating of guests with disability concerns. Ready to call us yet? We’re ready to help you at 1-800-377-9383.

Now you know what cruise line you’d like to sail on, perhaps the most important thing about cruising with a disability is the WHERE. Where are you cruising?

Accessible Cruising Tip #2: Know Your Destination

You can cruise anywhere with a disability! Most cruise ships have cabins and public spaces that are accessible, so if you can get on the ship, the world is within reach! But it’s always important to know that there may be some ports of call or excursions that are limited for those with mobility limitations.

Wide open Caribbean beach

For example, a cruise to the Caribbean would be the perfect tropical getaway for you or your family member with a disability! Wide open beaches, expansive shopping areas and plenty of accessible restaurants make this a perfect place to explore on shore with your mobility scooter or wheelchair! If you’re interested in excursions, some, like a zip lining adventure or scuba diving, might not be for you, but that won’t stop you from enjoying a deep-sea fishing adventure or a guided sightseeing tour!

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St. Peter's Square - accessible access to the Vatican

Another great destination to explore when cruising with accessibility concerns would be the Mediterranean! This region is full of ancient artifacts, ruin sites and history, much of which is in accessible museums and tourist sites. If you’re looking for a vacation full of history and easy access, check out a cruise to the Mediterranean!

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Glacier cruising in Alaska

There are some destinations that are more remote and may pose a challenge for those with mobility concerns. Alaska, for one, is a landscape with many outdoor excursions, some involving trekking through uneven terrain to reach the point of interest on your tour. And while that may be a challenge, there is always something for cruisers who need some help! For example, a wheelchair accessible whale watching tour or a visit to a local museum may be the best choice for an excursion in Alaska. Although Alaska may be a tougher destination to explore on shore, don’t rule it out as glacial cruising at Glacier Bay National Park or through the Kenai Fjords is truly a transcendent experience. If you are cruising to a destination with tough terrain, make sure you choose a cruise ship with plenty of activities onboard.

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Accessible Cruising Tip #3: Your Travel Agent is Your Advocate

Planning a vacation is stressful enough, you need someone you can rely on, so our top tip for accessible cruising is to make sure you book with a travel agent! Not only is our service free, but our agents are experts at ensuring your trip is as smooth as possible. From the moment you leave your front door until you get home, our agents are there for you! Whether that includes working with the cruise line to arrange accessible accomodations or priority embarkation, or even helping you find a mobility scooter to meet you at the pier! It always helps to have someone in your corner, and it’s even better when they have years of experience planning accessible cruises for clients around the world.

Cruising is a wonderful vacation choice for travelers with accessibility concerns or a disability. As long as you can get onboard, you can see the world on a cruise. Traveling with a disability or mobility concerns can be stressful, so you need an expert in your corner, ensuring everything is handled for you. But of course, our experts are the best at knowing where, when and what excursions will best fit your needs for an accessible cruise, so be sure to call us at 1-800-377-9383 to help plan everything, to make sure your vacation is as relaxing as you deserve.

-The Cruise Web Team