Hawaii Vacations by Land or Sea

Hawaiian beach vacation

As travel resumes after nearly 18 months, many Americans (and others) are opting for a tropical destination that is still considered domestic! Say Aloha to Hawaii, from the balcony of your favorite cruise ship or from a beachfront resort! No matter your preferences, we are confident we can find the best Hawaii vacation for you and your family!

Hop on a plane (or cruise from one of California’s beautiful ports) and head for Hawaii – hikes, hula and plenty more are waiting for you on your Hawaiian getaway!

If you want to spend your vacation in Hawaii sipping drinks next to a pool or by one of the beautiful beaches, you got it!


Hawaii Vacation


Do you want to spend your vacation in paradise with the adrenaline pumping, riding some of the world’s best waves or hiking up to the edge of an active volcano? Sounds like Hawaii is for you.

Hike this volcano in Maui on your Hawaii vacation

And even better, you can experience all the shoreside adventure in Hawaii while sailing from San Diego, Los Angeles and even Honolulu!

If these breathtaking photos and variety of activities waiting on the islands aren’t convincing enough, check out our blogs for more to do on a Hawaii vacation, both by land and sea:

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And remember, The Cruise Web isn’t just for cruises anymore! Our travel experts are ready to help you plan a your vacation to Hawaii in an all-inclusive resort, too! Give us a call at 1-800-377-9383 today or visit us online at www.cruiseweb.com to start planning your much-deserved trip to Hawaii, by land or sea.

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