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Introducing Senior Living at Sea

Senior Living at Sea

The Cruise Web is excited to challenge the old-fashioned notion of retirement with the launch of Senior Living at Sea. This exclusive new retirement opportunity gives you the chance to really LIVE your retirement the best way possible – traveling the world!
Senior Living at Sea, exclusively from The Cruise Web, is a new cruise ship-based retirement option that transforms land-bound retirees into globe-trotting explorers. Our carefully chosen itineraries and cruising partners provide everything that you want most out of retirement, with careful consideration given to individual travel desires, health needs, retirement timelines and financial considerations.
Senior Living at Sea 

Why spend your retirement land-locked when more than 70% of the world is covered by water?
Only Senior Living at Sea combines the benefits of cruising with the joy of world travel – all at a better value compared to traditional land-based retirement options (see our Benefit Comparison). Imagine waking up to a new view each morning as your sail through destinations like Asia, Australia, Europe and the Caribbean. Plus, while you’re out enjoying your permanent vacation, the ship’s friendly staff are cleaning your stateroom, preparing amazing meals and organizing top-notch entertainment.
Senior Living at Sea is available now, featuring an incredible 2018-2019 itinerary aboard Holland America Line’s ms Amsterdam.
Advantages of Senior Living at Sea 
Who would retire at sea?
Senior Living at Sea is ideal for active retirees interested in the rewards of exploring new destinations and discovering different cultures while taking advantage of the benefits and convenience afforded only through cruising. Senior Living at Sea residents reject the stereotypical idea of retirement, opting instead for the freedom and fulfillment that comes with embarking on new adventures.
Continue below to learn more, or contact us today at 1-888-250-7803 to embark on your most exciting chapter!
Senior Living at Sea residents

Your Retirement, Your Way

  • Get the most out of your retirement with less time spent planning, and more time spent traveling!
  • Choose to make your retirement a relaxing retreat or an exciting adventure, enjoying the freedom to participate in activities and social events as much (or as little) as you like!
  • Make new friends and host land-locked family onboard, all the while keeping in touch via the onboard internet.

See the World

  • Bring your bucket list to life while discovering natural wonders and new cultures.
  • Engage all of your senses with incredible experiences both ashore and at sea – set to an ever-changing backdrop.
  • Be the exciting friend and family member that everyone wants to visit!

Maintenance-free Living

  • You deserve to LIVE your retirement while the cruise ship’s friendly staff see to your needs.
  • Select from a variety of comfortable accommodations with no maintenance costs or membership dues.
  • Spend your retirement focusing on the activities that mean the most to you instead of cleaning the gutters, vacuuming the house or washing dishes.

Delicious Dining

  • Choose from a variety of diverse onboard dining venues, each featuring ever-changing menus prepared by top chefs.
  • Delight in delectable cuisine inspired by the destinations you visit, as well as classic American fare and health-conscious options.
  • Friendly staff get to know your preferences to accommodate dietary needs and special requests.

Captivating Entertainment

  • It’s your retirement, so spend it doing what you enjoy – choosing from a variety of daily social activities, lectures, live shows and more!
  • Fuel your mind with interactive workshops, culinary classes and engaging destination-themed lectures.

Senior Living at Sea dining, spa and more
With such an exciting new product, we expect you have some questions. With that in mind, check out these resources for more information:

To learn more about The Cruise Web’s Senior Living at Sea, call 1-888-250-7803 and speak with an expert. We’ll discuss your specific retirement preferences, budget and timeline to make the most of your retirement at sea!
The Cruise Web, Inc.
The Cruise Web, Inc.


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