Cruise Web Staff Join Ray Lewis to Support Local Charities

By The Cruise Web, Inc.

Ray Lewis dressed in his paintball gearThis weekend members of The Cruise Web team were given an opportunity to give back, by participating in two fun events held to support The Ray Lewis Family Foundation. The events are part of Ray’s Summer Days, which is a weekend of activities where former Baltimore Raven Ray Lewis hosts and participates in a bowling tournament and paintball challenge.

The money raised during these events has gone to help different organizations in the city of Baltimore and the State of Maryland, including many elementary schools, the city’s Department of Social Services and the Girl Scouts. This year was the 9th year for the event and our Cruise Web team took home 3rd place at the bowling tournament.

The Cruise Web took 3rd place at the Bowling tournament. “I haven’t won an athletic trophy since I was a kid, so that was cool,” Cruise Consultant Adam W. said.

Adam said there were about 60 to 70 teams, but luckily enough The Cruise Web had professional bowler Danny Wiseman on their team.

“He bowled a 279, which is basically two pins away from a perfect game,” Adam said.

More members of the The Cruise Web gathered and geared up for the paintball challenge, which was held the next day in the front yard of Ray Lewis’ home in Maryland.  Along with the paintball there was a full barbecue with burgers, hot dogs and chicken.

The Cruise Web paintball team“Actually going to get the paintball gun for the first time made me nervous, but once you got hit it would sting for a second and then it was just all about the fun,” Cruise Consultant Alex V. said. “It was cool to see Ray show up and mingle with the fans, and play a few rounds of paintball to prove he’s tough enough to get hit by a few pellets.”

The Cruise Web would like to thank Ray Lewis and his foundation for organizing these events, as well as the team at Carnival Cruise Lines who sponsored the events and graciously invited our staff to participate.

The Cruise Web, Inc.
The Cruise Web, Inc.

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