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Cruise Web Poll: The Scent of Cruising

What scent do you associate with cruising?

By The Cruise Web, Inc.
What scent do you associate with cruising?
Cruisers, we want to know: what scent most reminds you of cruising?
It’s often the most overlooked of the five senses, but the ability to smell is intrinsic. When real estate agents have an open house, they often put a batch of cookies in the oven to give the house a homey smell. Perfume is a billion dollar industry and your food just doesn’t taste the same when you have a stuffed nose.
So we want to know what smell you think of when you think of cruising?
Please submit your answer in the comments below.
The Cruise Web, Inc.
The Cruise Web, Inc.


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  1. I was hesitant to choose Carnival, but due to Margot Proctor’s knowledge of date chosen, thus less of a party atmosphere. Margot helped me find my desire of being in Cozumel on October 13th…my birthday. It was wonderful! Margot assured me that the ship offered things of interest for all ages…she was right, and we are grateful. Our dining experiemce was delightful. If I had hand picked who iIwanted to share a table with I could not have done as well .Each couple are people I hope to be with again, and we may! One couple asked us to consider booking together..we hope to. Thank you Margot for your encouragement and guidance.

  2. Hey Jeanne,
    Thanks for your comment! So glad you had amazing time for your birthday and glad everything worked out. Looking forward to catching up with you and hearing more about all the fun you had celebrating your birthday in Cozumel. When your ready to book that cruise with your new friends, I will certainly find another great cruise for all.
    1-800-377-9383 X206

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