Golf Survey

If you could play 18 holes with anyone, living or dead, real or fictional, who would you choose?


1 Dick Dohack { 08.24.11 at 11:42 am }

Phil Michelson. Phil is not only a great golfer, but his public life is an example for professional athletes and everyone else. He shares his time, his talent and his money for many worthy causes. He is, far and away, the one person I would most like to meet.

2 Dick Dohack { 08.24.11 at 11:45 am }

Phil Michelson. He is a marvelous roll model. I’m 80 and have seen a lot of people in my day. He is the one I would most like to meet personally.

3 carl { 08.24.11 at 12:46 pm }

Bobby Jones

4 carl { 08.24.11 at 12:47 pm }

The pure golf swing

5 Seth { 08.24.11 at 2:27 pm }

Bill Murray

6 jim stoddard { 08.24.11 at 2:36 pm }

Kevin Sweigard,Heard he was a real swinger!

7 Gail Lamont { 08.24.11 at 6:57 pm }

Bing Crosby – he was such a good golfer and great fun guy. When I play a bad ball I can imagine him crooning to me and making me feel better. Just imagine the laughs we would have with him comparing me to Bob Hope!

8 Mike { 08.30.11 at 4:58 pm }

The Dahli Lama. Big hitter, the Lama.

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