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Fitness Tips

A compilation by The Cruise Web employees.
For most people, the word “fitness” doesn’t come to mind when you think of a cruise vacation, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Follow some of our fitness tips and you might find that staying fit while cruising isn’t as difficult as you think.
Susan C.
TreadmillI love, love, love working out on the treadmill while looking out at the ocean. It makes the time on the machine go by quickly!
Yossi M.
Since I eat about 10 meals a day while cruising, I try to balance it by taking the stairs rather than the elevator. I also dance a lot at night in the nightclub. That makes up for all the food and drinks, right?
Caroline T.
I make it a routine to wake up early and get my work-out in first thing before the day becomes too much fun and I make up excuses why I shouldn’t work out today!
Seth W.
Get your friends to join in by turning the workouts into games: compete to have the fastest time up the rock wall or the longest ride on the FlowRider®. I find I’m more motivated with a little friendly competition.
Craig J.
SwimmingHead to the pools early and sneak in a few laps before the crowds show. Swimming is a great zero-impact workout that won’t leave your joints sore. Also, some cruise lines offer yoga classes held on the private beaches. What could be more relaxing than yoga on a tropical island?
Ellicia A.
Stay away from the buffet.
Jacques B.
Skip dessert and get another lobster tail. You don’t necessarily have to eat less if you eat smart.
Rosalind S.
Tip #1: Skip the buffet and dance the night away!
Tip #2: Drink at least one glass of water for every alcoholic beverage.
John T.
WaterIf you want to stay fit while cruising, it helps to eat healthy. It’s all about portion control, eating often and exercising. Portion control is easy. You control that at the buffets. Simply divide your plate up into thirds: meat, carbs, veggies. Done. For more eating tips, check out my blog: “How to Eat on a Cruise.”
And you know this last tip is big if four different consultants had the same idea:
Heather W.
I always take the steps; never the elevator… This helps counteract all the eating – and those mega ships are quite the workout!
Adam W.
Always use the stairs instead of the elevators. You will burn more calories!
Mike H.
StairsTake the stairs everywhere! Not only do you get to know the ship better, but you also burn off those extra calories from that second helping of cheese cake.
Andy G.
When I am on a cruise, I have a rule, “No elevators.”  I love to eat and I never really use the gym, but I rarely gain weight.  I credit this to my stair stepping!
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