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Fit for Cruising

By Rosalind Smith, Business Development Manager,
The Cruise Web, Inc.

Cruising and fitness go together like Fred & Ginger (or a movie and popcorn… air popped without butter of course)! There was a time when everyone worried about gaining weight on a cruise vacation. They are still using word processors and those days are long gone.
Is it possible to maintain (or in some cases start) your healthy lifestyle while cruising?
Liberty of the Seas- Courtesy of Royal Caribbean InternationalABSOLUTELY! And just to prove it, we are hosting our very own fitness theme cruise, FIT FOR CRUISING, aboard the Liberty of the Seas. On January 26, 2012, weight gain is one thing our guests need not worry about. We will disembark four nights later with renewed skills, knowledge and motivation to keep those New Year’s resolutions on track.
Hike Cozumel- Courtesy of Royal Caribbean InternationalOur package presents a fully packed schedule from a guided hike in Cozumel, Mexico to strength, cardio, core conditioning and flexibility sessions led by fully trained and qualified professionals. Our complimentary specialty classes will include yoga, boot camp, cycling, walking, jogging and running. Body weight resistance, kickboxing and core focused sessions will ensure a full body workout for everyone, from the novice to the athlete. Educational segments will focus on nutrition, proper form and techniques for safety as well as tips for staying motivated.
Boxing Ring- Courtesy of Royal Caribbean InternationalWe chose the Liberty of the Seas because she is not for couch potatoes. This Royal Caribbean ship is appropriately equipped with a FlowRider® surfing simulator, rock-climbing wall, boxing ring, ice-skating rink, jogging track, sports court and a current pool for lap swimming. And we haven’t even gotten to the gym yet. The fitness center is fully loaded with weight machines, free weights, stationary bikes, stair steppers and treadmills.
Don’t forget those adventure-filled excursions in port. On our visit to Cozumel, our energized guests may choose to participate in a relaxing day at the beach or pull out all the stops while ATV touring, horseback riding, zip-lining, parasailing, snorkeling, SCUBA diving, speed boating or swimming with dolphins – just to name a few.
Back Massage- Courtesy of Royal Caribbean InternationalAhhhh the spa! Now this is my area of expertise: spa menus filled with rejuvenating and restoring spa services. In fact, each of our health enthusiasts will be sure to indulge and reward their bodies because they’ve earned it and we’ve included a complimentary massage in the package. When time permits, we’ll also hit the sauna, whirlpool, steam room and don’t forget the thermal suites – think Turkish bath!
With all this activity, we must fuel and refuel our bodies! Our guests will do so with the Vitality Wellness Program’s healthy and delicious choices in the main dining room or various options at the Portofino Italian Restaurant or Chops Grille.
May I ask, who has time to gain weight on a cruise? Certainly not The Cruise Web’s FIT FOR CRUISING guests!
Click Here for more information or to register for our FIT FOR CRUISING fitness-themed cruise.
Rosalind SmithRosalind Smith
Business Development Manager
Charter, Incentives & Meetings
The Cruise Web, Inc.


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  1. Rosalind, Try looking into Racewalking, an Olympic event. It is especially good for runners, who have ruined their knees running for years. Weight is transferred to the large hip bones, rather than to the weaker knees. It is also a better overall cardio activity than jogging/running, more steps/strides than running.

  2. Frank, thank you for sharing. I will certainly check out racewalking!!! It sounds like an excellent addition to my rotation.

  3. Every cruise I say I’m going to run every day…and every cruise I run once… and give in to sleeping late the rest of the trip. This is a great idea for a cruise

  4. Chad, we heard your thoughts loud and clear! We are going to be there to prove it is indeed possible to run every day and have a great cruise “fitcation”.

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