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Sticky Fingers at The Cruise Web

By: The Cruise Web, Inc.
On Friday, March 11th The Cruise Web celebrated its first ever “Sticky Finger Friday.” Rather than going on a “sticky finger” burglary spree, however, we got sticky digging into cinnamon buns and other breakfast treats. And how exactly did “Sticky Finger Friday” get started? Like everything great that happens at The Cruise Web, it was a team effort. First came the idea to get cinnamon buns on a Friday because, well, we wanted them – eating cinnamon buns should never have to be justified. Next thing we knew the plan was being referred to as “Sticky Finger Friday” – for the unavoidable mess that comes with cinnamon buns – and we’d located the nearest Cinnabon. The idea only snowballed from there.
Employees grab some grub!Upon realizing that we needed something to wash down the sticky goodness, someone proposed mimosas. Professionals that we are, we modified the recipe a bit and agreed that virgin mimosas made with Sprite and orange juice would create an adequate substitute.
Things were already sounding pretty good when Gloria, famous for torturing the office with the smell of her cooking bacon, decided to kick things up a notch and prepare a full breakfast, complete with eggs, hash browns, grits, fruit and, of course, bacon. This probably goes without saying, but fingers got sticky, employees mingled, and everyone had a great time.
So the next time you find yourself caught in the monotony of a nine to five, we highly recommend mixing things up with a “Sticky Finger ____.”
Gloria preparing the bacon!
The Cruise Web, Inc.
The Cruise Web, Inc.

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