The Cruise Web Cruise Employees Earn Senior Consultant Status

The Cruise Web would like to recognize two more Cruise Consultants who were recently awarded Senior Status in recognition of their hard work and dedication to the company.  On Monday, May 17th, Cruise Consultants Andy Gustafson and Corinna Crockett both earned their Senior Cruise Consultant status for their continued performance with The Cruise Web.

Andy and Corinna join a growing team of fourteen Senior Cruise Consultants at The Cruise Web, whose continued excellence and expert consultation epitomize the core strength of The Cruise Web and the dedication it has to its customers and the cruise industry.

Andy and Corinna were recognized last Monday with a company-wide announcement of their new statuses.  The Cruise Web congratulates its newest Senior Cruise Consultants and looks forward to their continued success.

Andy GustafsonCorinna Crockett



1 Lisa Kistner { 05.19.10 at 8:12 pm }

Corinna is the BEST! she helped us plan a wonderful cruise within a set of tight parameters we had. I have always been happy with the service from CruiseWeb and Corrina’s service was top notch. She was patient, knowledgeable and friendly-a great combination! We felt like she truly cared about our vacation.

2 Patricia Rubendall { 05.20.10 at 7:02 am }

Just wanted to congratulate Corrina on her accomplishment. I had her as a consultant for my cruise inFebruary and was very pleased with her help, etc. in getting the cruise lined up. Had an awesome time and, again, congratulations for her and thank you for her hard work. I would use her again anytime.

3 Corinna Crockett { 05.24.10 at 8:56 am }

Thank you so much for the congratulations and support! Obviously, I couldn’t have reached this point without my loyal clients. More importantly, it’s clients like you that keep my job fun and rewarding. I look forward to helping you plan all your future cruises!

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