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The Cruise Web Announces the Winners of the Gold Medal Event

The Cruise Web's Gold Medal EventThe Cruise Web hosted its first ever Gold Medal Event this past February to help celebrate the recent winter Olympics in Vancouver.
The event took place online as past passengers of The Cruise Web were invited to nominate their favorite Cruise Web employee for a “gold medal” of service.  Employees were nominated by their past passengers as a sign of appreciation for the hard work they had done for the nominating past passenger.
The nomination period ran from February 18th through March 17th and The Cruise Web employees accrued over 330 nominations.  After the nominations were tallied, the winners were announced at the monthly team meeting on Tuesday, March 23.
Cruise Consultant Winners:
The first place and gold winner was Senior Cruise Consultant Brandon B. with 29 nominations.
Second place and silver winner was Cruise Consultant Gloria H. with 26 nominations.
Third place and bronze winner was Senior Cruise Consultant Linda I. with 22 nominations.

Cruise Consultant Medal Winners from left to right: Gloria, Brandon & Linda
Client Services Winners:
The first place and gold winner was Chae M.
Tied for second place and silver were Craig J. and Kim G.

Client Services Medal Winners
Each of the six winners was given a large round of applause and a medal commemorating their achievement. A special thanks goes out to all of our past passengers that submitted nominations.

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