President’s Message – Entertainment at Sea

By Frans Hansen, President, The Cruise Web.

Patrons of New York City’s famous Tavern on the Green restaurant may have read this month that the city just won a legal battle to use the rights to this famous name when it plans to re-open the refurbished venue in Central Park this year.

Stage EntertainmentIt was several years ago at Tavern on the Green that I first realized how much some people love shows.  After putting our names on page one hundred and something of the guest list, my ex-wife and I were shuffled up the stairs to a tiny window-less waiting loft with bar, that seemed to be holding upwards of 50 guests. Descriptions aside, it was quite a charming experience.  Overtaken by the infectious spirit of the place, we starting speaking with the delightful couple seated on our laps … excuse me … I meant to say “seated at the table next to us.”

We compared stories of the grand times we were having in the Big Apple, when the couple told us that they were on day two of a “Show Marathon.” They would see two or more shows on and off Broadway per day, for the next five days! Now, I do love a good show as much or more than a charming overcrowded loft waiting area, but I realized quite immediately here that I was no match for these professional show lovers.  Still, their enthusiasm was so powerful, that the next 45 minutes of waiting for a table passed as though the word ‘claustrophobia‘ didn’t even exist.

My personal itinerary in New York City did include a show, but just as I prefer to do when on a cruise vacation, I enjoyed mixing in a variety of different activities. However, unlike the high cost and sometimes challenging access of many activities in the Big Apple, cruising includes a myriad of activities for little or no extra cost that are right there on your own floating city!

This issue of the Current is dedicated to anyone who has ever asked “what is there to do on a cruise?” Read and enjoy!

Frans G. Hansen


1 Dr. Robert D. Madison { 03.24.10 at 3:22 pm }

Did my recommendation of Ms. Sherry Jefferson win the Gold Medal?

2 Dr. Robert D. Madison { 03.24.10 at 3:23 pm }

Who won the Gold Medal?

3 Sherry Jefferson - The Cruise Web { 03.25.10 at 8:52 am }

Hi Bob,

Thank you so much for your glowing recommendation but alas I was not a medal winner. While I did garner a fair amount of nominations, there were some that had more, which put me out of medal contention. There’s always next time. I appreciate your continued support.

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