The Cruise Web’s Consultants Return from the Mediterranean

Rome, June 5th, 2009

Cruise Web Cruise Consultants Linda Iseli and Andy Gustafson have completed the Seminar at Sea hosted by Celebrity Cruise Lines aboard the fantastic Celebrity Solstice.  This rigorous course included a  day of classes about both Celebrity and Azamara Cruise Lines.

While the ship sailed the blue waters of the Mediterranean, the two consultants were busy learning all there is to know about these premium lines.  Their work in the classroom was complimented by a behind the scenes tour of the galley and a cocktail party which allowed the duo to wind down after the day’s events.
Despite spending more hours in the classroom than Andy spent in all of college, there was still time to enjoy some unbelievable ports, including Santorini (Linda says not to ride the donkeys), Mykonos, Istanbul (about 70 cents to ride the tram, the best deal in Europe, or was that Asia?), Ephesus (Andy paused in Mary’s house to ask her to see him successfully through his course work), Athens, and Naples, the home of the greatest food in the world, pizza!

The two scholars have returned to the Cruise Web and have been relating their experiences of what one was heard to have called the “best cruise ever, despite the teacher not giving us recess.”

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  1. Can’t wait to go on a Med Cruise as well!!! Sounds awesome! Definitely “wet” my appetite!! 2010 might just be the year if our Rand strengthens!!!
    Thanks for the stimulant!!!!

  2. Hi Tracy,
    I had a blast working with you and Dallas on your Western Caribbean cruise this past December. I’m sure the rand will strengthen and I’ll get you on the Med. cruise you’ve dreamed of.

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