Meet The Cruise Web’s Newest Team Members

By Heather Wasson, Sales Manager, The Cruise Web.

Frans Hansen, The Cruise Web’s President, describes the company’s newest hires as the company’s silver lining during this tough economy! Here, we’d like to share with you insight into The Cruise Web’s rigorous hiring and training process. Hopefully, you’ll see why you should be confident that The Cruise Web’s consultants and staff are the best in the industry!

Foremost, the company’s hiring process is quite thorough. The Cruise Web is located in the Washington, DC metropolitan area and has access to thousands of candidates. Of course, we only want the best of the best for our customers! After reviewing hundreds of resumes, we phone screen each applicant. Then, three members of the company’s management team interview each selected candidate. The management team looks for people with the right approach and work ethic: people who are eager to learn, positive, take pride in their work, and who simply strive to be the best! Hundreds of candidates are narrowed down to a qualified hand-full. These stars are all highly qualified, extremely coachable, and excited about heir new position!

Coming from diverse backgrounds, let me introduce you to some of the newest cruise consultants on our team:

Background: Ritz-Carlton, personal fitness trainer
Cruises: Holland America, Norwegian
Countries traveled: Spain, Greece, New Zealand, Canada, St. Thomas, and all over the US
Miscellaneous: Corinna is so happy to join the Cruise Web team and to be able to talk to people all day about one of her favorite things in the world: traveling!

Small business owner, realtor
Cruises: Princess, Carnival
Countries traveled: Bermuda, Bahamas, Western Caribbean, Greece, London, and all around the US including Hawaii and Alaska
Miscellaneous: “It’s such a fun product to talk about and something EVERYONE wants. I have already learned so much, and am looking forward to gaining more knowledge everyday. And what a pleasant work environment, everyone is so helpful!!”

Traveler! She has been traveling since before she could walk or talk!
Cruises: Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Princess
Countries traveled: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Italy, France, United Kingdom, Spain, Bahamas, Canada, Mexico, and all around the US including Hawaii and Alaska
Miscellaneous: “Dream big, laugh lots and follow your passion!”

Newspaper industry
Cruises: Carnival
Countries traveled: Prague, Czech Republic, Italy, Mexico, Western Caribbean, Eastern Caribbean, all over the US
Miscellaneous: He enjoys hearing clients share their past cruise experiences and their excitement when they are talking about future cruise vacations.

Government contracting, Marine Corp
Cruises: Traveled all around the globe on Navy vessels
Countries traveled: Canada, Amsterdam, Cyprus, Kuwait, Iraq, and around the US
Miscellaneous: He likes The Cruise Web’s philosophy of work hard, play hard.

Recent college graduate
Cruises: Royal Caribbean, Carnival
Countries traveled: Spain, Netherlands, France, Portugal, Italy, Belgium, Tanzania, Mexico, England, Western Caribbean, around the US including Alaska
Miscellaneous: After a month on the job, he’s confident that this is the best place to be in this business! He believes that, with The Cruise Web’s service and top producer position in the industry, there really are no competitors.

Background: Waiter, local band member
Cruises: Royal Caribbean
Countries traveled: Bahamas, England, France, around the US
Miscellaneous: He really enjoys establishing friendships, whether they are here in the office or on the other side of the world!

Selecting the right candidates is only the beginning. Once new hires are selected, The Cruise Web’s rigorous 5-phase training program begins! First, the new team members receive basic classroom training which includes an overview of the company, the cruise lines, and the reservation process. Then, with the help of a hands-on management team, the new cruise consultants will have a chance to practice and improve their professional communication skills and learn our systems. As they gain experience, The Cruise Web continues to evaluate and improve their industry knowledge and client service skills. Each new hire must complete online university courses for each major cruise line which gives them the important, updated product knowledge. In addition, the District Sales Manager from every preferred cruise line provides an overview and specific training seminars on their cruise offerings. On top of all that, each new cruise consultant works side by side with their manager, who guides them through the process and shows them the most effective ways to be successful. Because The Cruise Web’s top-notch consultants are always asking questions and trained to be pro-active in seeking help, they’re able to provide superior service! And, thus,…they are off to a fast start!

Hopefully, you will have the opportunity to speak with one of these new team members! And, when you do, please keep in mind that you are speaking with the cream of the crop and know that, despite being here for a short amount of time, each is very capable of being the best cruise consultant you have ever had!

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1 Tracy Lloyd { 04.22.09 at 4:10 pm }

Just love hearing about what’s happening at the Cruise Web! Good Luck to the new consultants!

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