Family Cruising: Music to a Parent’s Ears

By Frans Hansen, President, The Cruise Web.

“Best Vacation Ever”, was ringing in my ears.  My two beautiful and amazing six and eight years old boys (yes, I am admittedly biased) were singing the infamous SpongeBob SquarePants tune, from the Nickelodeon cartoon, at the top of their lungs, taking some artistic license with the words. While this song has never made my top downloads, it was glorious music to my ears.

Months earlier, I had a dilemma on my hand. I had promised to take three generations of my family on an Alaska vacation, and I wanted it to be an outstanding experience for every single person.  Leaning towards first satisfying my mother, the most discriminating in our group (don’t worry, Mom, I still love you), I secured space on the luxurious and comfortable all-suite, all-balcony, Regent Seven Seas Mariner, for a 7-day cruise from Seward to Vancouver. 

Arriving in Anchorage, and transferring to the ship aboard domed grand view train cars, we all somehow knew that this was the start of a special vacation.  Sea Otters, floating on their backs, waved to my boys as they welcomed us to view the blue and white majesty of Hubbard Glacier.  In Sitka, my eight year old and I spent quality time wilderness sea kayaking, where we saw bald eagles flying overhead, frisky salmon jumping yards from our bow, and a large brown bear watching us from the grassy shore.  My six year old took the nature walk with his grandparents, experiencing the lush Tongass National Forest, and getting an up close look at Alaska’s bird and plant life at the Raptor Center.  Touring and excursion options for the week, from panning for gold to simply walking around Alaska’s charming towns, provided entertainment and excitement for all three generations.

Aboard ship, the children enjoyed ping-pong, dips in the hot-tubs on deck and the Club Mariner Youth Program, while the adults spotted Orca Whales from private balconies and Humpback Whales from the Observation Lounge.  Staff service exceeded even my discriminating mother’s highest expectations, and my boys and their grandmother almost adopted Stefan, our favorite waiter.  Restaurant options gave our family the opportunity to dine casually in La Veranda, or exquisitely, in venues such as Signatures.

The actual title to the song my boys were singing and humming all week long  is “The Best Day Ever”, but this really was the best vacation everCruises are truly superb at bringing together a whole group of travelers, and providing interest and enjoyment for everyone.  If you have the opportunity to plan a family vacation this year, make sure that you strongly consider a cruise, so that you too can have “The Best Vacation Ever!”

Frans Hansen
The Cruise Web, Inc.


1 Nancy Rapoza { 04.22.09 at 4:06 pm }

I am big on memories and The Best Vacation will always be when you have your family and friends with you. We have had many family cruises and all were wonderful. Thanks to The Cruise Web (Brandon Biss) I recommend him to everyone he will get the best price available and take care of you.

2 Cindy Pearson { 04.22.09 at 4:17 pm }

We are taking an Alaskan Cruise this July 12th from Seattle with your Cruise Web company. This is the first time I have gone with Cruise Web and Princess Cruise Lines and am looking forward to the cruise. We are celebrating our 25th anniversary and a one year cancer survivorship with 12 other family and friend members. We have booked our cruise and used Dana Koller for our representative and are extremely pleased with her great attitude and help. I would recommend her to all of my friends and acquaintances and know she would give them the same great service. Hope we have as great an experience as you did with our cruise line Princess. Thank You for sharing and having employees like Dana. Cindy Pearson

3 Dana Koller { 04.22.09 at 4:30 pm }

Thanks, Cindy! It has been a pleasure to work with your family. You will have the trip of a lifetime in Alaska and I can’t wait to work with you in the future 🙂 Talk soon!

4 Bill Bedsworth { 04.22.09 at 8:05 pm }

Ditto re Dana Koller. She may not be the only outstanding cruise rep at Cruise Web, but she is a gem.

5 Dana Koller { 04.28.09 at 4:02 pm }

Bill, thank you so much! I have really enjoyed working with you and Kelly. 🙂

6 Frans Hansen, President { 04.30.09 at 10:59 am }

Thank you for your positive comments Ms. Rapoza, Ms. Pearson, and Mr. Bedsworth.

Dana and Brandon are indeed ‘gems’! It is the personal consultation from individuals like these that set The Cruise Web apart from the competition.

Happy cruising. Special memories with families and friends are one of the great joys of life!

7 Brandon Biss { 06.03.09 at 3:31 pm }

Hi Nancy…I just noticed your response, thanks for the kind words! I’ll be in touch soon to say hi. I hope everything is well with your family. I’m curious to hear how Rick is doing with his film work. Tell Mimi I say hi!

8 peggyjean { 07.29.09 at 6:53 pm }

Hello, How lucky you were to see the beautiful Eagles. My boyfriend and I are thinking about a trip there. But wasn’t sure the right time to see them. What months are good to be able to see bald Eagles in Alaska? Thank you for your wonderful story! PeggyJean

9 Frans Hansen, President { 07.30.09 at 11:43 am }

Yes, the Bald Eagles were magnificent! According to my team of Alaska experts here at The Cruise Web, you have a very good chance of seeing Bald Eagles during the entire Alaska cruising season. However, with salmon spawning during late July and August there may be a few more of these beautiful creatures soaring overhead to eye their next meal below.

10 Dana Koller, Senior Sales Consultant { 08.12.09 at 9:41 am }

Hi Peggyjean! I just returned from Alaska and saw many bald eagles, bear, whales and moose. The eagles were incredible to see and you have a great chance of seeing them during the summer months in Alaska.

11 peggyjean { 01.10.10 at 6:50 pm }

Thank you for your replies. So summer is the best time? I watch a live cam on the web of a pair of bald Eagles here in Maine but so much want to go to Alaska! Have a wonderful night. PeggyJean

12 Kevin Sweigard { 01.12.10 at 11:11 am }

Hi PeggyJean. I cruised Alaska in June of 2008. It was awesome! Bald eagles, whales, glaciers, snow-capped mountains. I will contact you soon to discuss Alaska cruise options.

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