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Golf in Bermuda

  • PeachyPeachPeachyPeach April 2012
    Posts: 52
    How easy is it to arrange tee times at local Bermuda courses and bring my golf clubs on the ship?
  • cruzinNheelscruzinNheels April 2012
    Posts: 50
    Bermuda is home to some world class golf courses. The easiest is to check your shore excursions to see if there are any golf excursions! Otherwise, it's very easy to schedule a tee time on a public course, especially if your ship is docked for a few days, giving you greater flexibility. Prices are reasonable as well.
  • caribbeansunshinecaribbeansunshine May 2012
    Posts: 52
    Are you able to bring your own clubs with you? Or do Cruise lines/golf courses make it easy to rent?
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