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Glass Blowing

  • OverTheRainbowOverTheRainbow April 2012
    Posts: 40
    I've heard a few people mention the glass blowing shows aboard Celebrity Cruises. Is this all it's hyped up to be?
    Posts: 13
    We had an authentic German glass blower come aboard on our Uniworld River Cruise last week. It was quite entertaining and all hand made. I understand a different technique than what is offered on Celebrity. He made some beautiful pieces, especially the jewelry.
  • lovestocruiselovestocruise April 2012
    Posts: 23
    Corning Glass from Corning NY has glassblowing on the Solstice class ships Solstice, Eclipse and Equinox where they demonstrate the art of glass blowing and the different techniques that are used. There is a great amount of precision and detail that goes into it and takes years of study and practice to perfect it. It really is fascinating to watch and the pieces created are beautiful.
  • caribbeansunshinecaribbeansunshine April 2012
    Posts: 52
    Are you able to buy any of the glass blown art?
  • lovestocruiselovestocruise April 2012
    Posts: 23
    Yes, there is a shop across from the studio where various pieces are available for sale. Vases, stemware, animals, etc.
  • HShrimpie47HShrimpie47 April 2012
    Posts: 67
    Yeah, it's pretty amazing when you're cruising the Caribbean and these guys are over a hot oven blowing glass.  They gave a few pieces away for free too :)
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