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Children on MSC

  • PeachyPeachPeachyPeach March 2012
    Posts: 52
    I just read that children sail free aboard MSC cruises. For anyone that's cruised with MSC, do you find there are enough children's activities to keep kids entertained? And with children sailing free... am I going to find the ship overrun with kids?
  • caribbeansunshinecaribbeansunshine March 2012
    Posts: 52

    When I cruised MSC I stayed in the Yacht Club, which was wonderful, I did not feel like the ship was overrun with kids. However, the Yacht Club is exclusive and has its own pool, dining, bar and reception area. I was able to use all of the other amenities that the ship had to offer along with the upgrades of the Yacht Club. If I were to cruise again and have children with me, I would book the Yacht Club because it offers the best for everyone.

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