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Daily activities

  • PeachyPeachPeachyPeach March 2012
    Posts: 52
    Do the cruise lines provide extra onboard activities for transatlantic cruises since there aren't any port activities to occupy guests' time?
  • caribbeansunshinecaribbeansunshine April 2012
    Posts: 52
    I have always wondered this as well! I don't really like flying so I would love to visit Europe by cruising over. But I am worried that I will get bored spending so many days at sea.
  • lovestocruiselovestocruise April 2012
    Posts: 23
    There are classes and guest lecturers from different areas such as the arts, politics , the sciences. The nice thing about transatlantics is that you actually have the time to participate in the different activities.
  • HShrimpie47HShrimpie47 April 2012
    Posts: 67
    Plus, Cunard has a planetarium!  That was pretty interesting.  The whole ship is set up as a museum.  I also enjoyed the time to relax at the spa, read a good book, do a puzzle- things you're too busy at home to do. 
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