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Heathrow Airport Hotels

  • cruisegurucruiseguru February 2012
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    Can anyone recommend a good 3-4star hotel either in or near Heathrow airport.  Have 10 hours to kill from 7am arrival until 9pm departure flight.
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    Hilton London Heathrow Airport
    Terminal 4, Hounslow, United Kingdom TW6 3AF
    Tel: +44-208-759-7755 Fax: +44-208-759-7579

    Located right in the airport. My daughter and I actually hung out in the lobby there for about 4 1/2 hours watching TV. I believe the desk cleark thought we were waiting for a room.(lol). My daughter took a nap, I played on the internet. After about 4-5 hours, we took our carry on luggage into the bathroom, freshened up and were on our way to our connecting flight.
    The rooms were not that expensive but we just did not see the need for 4 -5 hours. Ask about a day room.
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